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Name:Log Community for The City of Ariel
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The Sandbox Is Under Construction

The subtle ache behind your ear is what brings your mind back into groggy focus. Your first realization that something has gone wrong comes from the unfamiliar scene in front of you, paired with an unsettlingly warm scent. You look around and find that -- instead of wherever you remember being last -- you're sitting in a chair, in a room with a man you don't recognize. He's sitting behind an overly large desk, whistling to himself and sorting paperwork. The whole atmosphere might remind you of a high school guidance counselor's office, only with chairs far more comfortable.

When your head clears enough to speak and you ask where you are, he smiles brightly and says,

"Welcome to the City of Ariel."

The City of Ariel is a pan-fandom smut sandbox set in a dystopian city where a focus on kink is undershadowed by elements of world-building plot that guide the government's thirst for debauchery. Everything from vanilla to extreme kink is welcome here and encouraged due to our zero-tolerance policy for kink-shaming.

At first glance, Ariel is an idyllic oasis, a modern paradise surrounded by barren wasteland, but the wall that surrounds it is as much to keep things out as it is to keep everyone else in. You are free to go, if you so desire. The city will be waiting for you if you manage to make it back.

Inside the walls, pleasure is a tool to keep the population sedate and compliant. Enforced through various dubious means, the constant stimulation may one day end up rubbing you the wrong way. Of course, if that's what gets you off, no one is in a position to judge.


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